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The ability to keep kids and adults entertained is a god given talent for us at the Grassy Knoll We love throwing ice cream parties in Nashville and throwing on a great movie to go with it. The pick of the ice cream flavor and the movie are crucial aspects. We make sure to match the ice cream to the type of movie or movies we are showing for the party. We use only the freshest ingredients in our homemade ice cream in Nashville and waffle cones. Lets say we are watching a slasher movie, we may have an over aboundance of strawberriese or cherries for the ice cream in order to drive home the point. Kids love superman ice cream but we know how to SUP up a Superman day and hope you book a party with us soon! We know we have the best jobs in Nashville and hope you come out to share an experience with us soon. We have the ability to show movies through out the day, outside, as well as indoors depending on the situation. Let us know how to help you with your party needs in Nashville.

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